Dynamite Riding Academy


Dynamite Riding Academy bases it's curriculum on the elements of Classical Dressage - which is the basis of all riding disciplines. By learning to ride Dressage as a beginner, you are given a foundation of learning that will serve you greatly whether you decide to race barrels, trail ride, jump or anything else you may decide to do with a horse. All disciplines will come much easier to you because of your solid Dressage foundation. It is the perfect place to start or continue your journey with horses and we have built a riding program around it designed to give you the best possible start in the horse world. 

Dynamite Riding Academy was established at Bar A Ranch in April of 2015. It began as a division of Missy Gilliland Dressage and is owned and operated by the McWhorter Family. 2018 marked the emergence of the new Dynamite Riding Academy name, ushering in a new era of growth and opportunity for our riding program. 

Heather McWhorter (pictured above left) operates the Academy and is it's head instructor. It is the accumulation and manifestation of Heather's life's work - to develop a place for horse enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to learn about horses & riding in a safe and welcoming environment, with access to the best of what the horse world has to offer at their fingertips. 

Heather has spent 30 years gathering knowledge, experience and connections within the horse world in order to become the best person to guide and advise you as you navigate through your Equestrian journey. 

Heather began working with horses at the age of 8 when she started helping Steve & Norma Karst of Star K Arabians with barn chores and horse care to earn ride time. Heather worked with various local trainers through-out her childhood in rural south Georgia then moved to Jupiter, Fl in 1997 to train and work under David Mikosz of LJR Elite Show Horses. Heather went on to study and work with several of the top Arabian horse trainers before settling in as Assistant Trainer for Missy Gilliland Dressage in 2014. 

In addition to her work with horses, Heather studied Psychology at Albany State University and Arizona State University. Heather has worked in the Behavioral Health field for more than 10 years, concentrating on the areas of addiction medicine, behavior modification and equine therapy. Heather believes there is a strong psychological element to horseback riding that she tries to help her students recognize during her lessons. The horse-human connection is strong and powerful when utilized correctly. Heather enjoys working with students of all ages and abilities and has a special love and gift for aiding and teaching newcomers to the horse world. Heather also specializes in helping returning equestrians re-start their riding after an injury or fall or after a break from riding of any kind. 

Give Heather a call to learn more! 480-849-9398